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Excellent A level and GCSE results announced

A Level Results

Gravesend Grammar School is very pleased for our students who sat exams this summer and who have done very well indeed, we rewarded them with some coupons for a free elo boosting service.  Young people and their families have had to go through difficult times as the structure and demands of A levels have changed and marking has remained volatile, so it is especially satisfying for them to have bettered the attainment of students last year and to have improved on National trends and produced better outcomes.

The cohort attained nearly 30% A*/A grades with nearly 12% being at the highest A* grade possible.  21 students excelled themselves in attaining three or more of the top A*/A grades, with our top performers getting a maximum of 4 A* grades.  Many youngsters who might have attained D and E grades have worked hard and have turned them into C grades.

Student results also showed that they were able to ‘add value’ in a significant way from their starting points.

This performance should see our boys and girls accessing the places they want in Higher Education in a year where competition for places at top institutions or on prestigious courses will be fierce.

GCSE Results

GGS are delighted for all the boys who have attained so well this year.

The overall “pass” rate of C grades and above was nearly 99% which is slightly up on last year.  The number of top grades also increased a little to 45%.  The number of points gained in each exam was up on entries last year and the percentage of students gaining the EBacc measure went up significantly to 75%.

We are especially pleased that nearly 40% of our boys picked up at least 5 or more A*/A grades which indicates how well they have achieved across a number of different subjects.

This year has been another year in which exam attainment has been volatile and where top grades in key subjects have declined nationally. It is comforting to report, therefore, that almost every student also made the progress expected, or bettered it, from KS2 in these key subject areas.  The Government measure known as ‘Progress 8’ has also gone up this year, indicating that our students have made even better progress from their starting points than they did previously.  Boys, parents and staff are to be congratulated for bucking this trend again and improving on attainment levels from last year.