Appeals Process

Appealing for a place for Year 7 – September 2018

Our appeals have been heard for Year 7 entry in September 2018.

Parents who have not previously applied still have the right to apply for a place.  There are no places available however and applications made will not result in a place being given.  You will be given the option to appeal, but parents should be aware that the year group is heavily over-subscribed and we have an extensive waiting list.

Appealing for a place for in other year groups

Parents who have applied for an in-year admission, and who have subsequently had the offer of a place declined, have the right to appeal this decision. The appeals process in this instance is no different to that outlined above for children entering Year 7 with the exception that the school has 30 school days from receipt of the appeal request to provide a hearing.

Further Questions

If you have any queries regarding appeals, please contact Mr I Cook at the school using Additionally, further guidance about the appeals process can be accessed in our FAQ Appeals document found here.