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Joining Our School – Latest Information

Admission to Year 7 in September 2019

Offer Day for many is confirmation that they will be starting their secondary school life with us in September. In this instance parents need to complete and send to us the acceptance form issued to them by their local authority. This is required by Friday 15th March. We do not at this stage require anything further. Parents will, in time, receive welcome letters from the head teacher and an information pack guiding them on what to do to prepare the way for a smooth transfer. Even if GGS is not the parents’ preferred school and they intend to pursue a place elsewhere, they should accept the place offered here. It can be declined at a later stage, if need be.

Offers’ Day for others will confirm that there is not a place available to them at GGS. In this instance parents will undoubtedly be considering their options. Those boys deemed of grammar school ability following their Kent Test can be added to a waiting list which is used to fill places should they become available. Parents should complete a waiting list form found on the KCC Admissions website which is sent to KCC and not to us at the school. Please see the Waiting List document below for further guidance.

Any student not granted a place who listed us as a preference on their secondary application form may appeal. This applies equally to those successful in their Kent Test and those not. If parents wish to appeal, they should complete an Appeal Form found on the KCC website and send it to us here at the school by Friday 29th March 2019. More information on the appeals process can be found in the linked documents below.

Parents who have not previously applied for a place and who decide they would like their child to attend the school can make a late application to KCC before Friday 15th March.

Whatever the situation, we are happy to provide advice and guidance to parents. Please contact Mr I Cook, Admissions Manager, at

The Waiting List Explained

Appeals Information – Year 7 September 2019

Appeals FAQs

General Admissions Information

Most of our students join us in Year 7 at the start of the academic year following transfer from their Primary School.  Students moving into the area may wish to apply for places at the school in-year.  There is opportunity also for students to join the school at the beginning of 6th Form following their GCSEs.

Entry to Year 7

Students transferring from primary school will have been deemed of ‘grammar ability’ following their Kent Tests. For most, gaining a place at GGS is as simple as placing us as first choice school on the application form. For those living further afield, the procedure can be a little less straightforward as we are a popular school which is frequently oversubscribed. In whichever category you find yourself, a place can only be gained if Gravesend Grammar School is one of the preferences on your form. Whether your son is offered a place is dependent on your position alongside all other applicants on a ranked list, the order of which is determined by our Over-Subscription Criteria.   These can be found in the first of the documents below.

Curriculum Booklet

Parents’ Handbook


In-Year Admissions

In-year admissions, sometimes called casual admissions, are those applications made after the normal entry procedure for transfer from primary school through to the end of secondary education. Applications should be made to the Admissions Manager at the school address using the In-Year Common Application Form found at the end of this section. Students looking to secure places must be successful in the School’s Entrance Examinations.

Gravesend Grammar School would normally only consider applications made from applicants:

  • moving house into the Borough of Gravesham and the parishes listed in our Over-subscription Criteria (See Admission Arrangements)
  • wishing to transfer from other local secondary schools made at the end of one academic year for entry at the start of the next

It is not our policy to allow students to transfer from local secondary schools after the beginning of Year 9 when GCSE courses commence. Further information about In-Year Admissions can be found in the document below.

In-year Application Form

In-year Admissions Explained

Entry into the Sixth Form

Taster Days for Internal and External students 2019 to be confirmed.

Sixth Form Prospectus

2019 GGS Subject Prospectus

The Sixth form is the bridge to your future and the gateway to the rest of your life. We are proud to have a thriving and lively Sixth Form at GGS offering a wide range of subjects and enrichment opportunities. We are delighted with the exam success our students achieve and the fine, young men and women who leave us at the end of Year 13, ready and prepared to face the challenges of life beyond school.

Being in the Sixth Form at GGS is challenging but it should also be seen as an opportunity. In an increasingly competitive world, our students leave this school with the ability to stand out from the crowd.

GGS students apply for 6th Form places by submitting their A Level subject choices by the internal deadline of 7th February 2019.

Applications from students from other schools can be made via the UCAS Progress website ( Students from Kent schools will have received their registration details from KCC.

Students currently attending an independent school or a school outside Kent or this country, will need to self-register on UCAS Progress to make an application.  External applications can be made following the 6th form information evening held in January.

Open Events

If you would like to see the School ‘in action’ and meet staff and students currently at the School, there are times scheduled for you to do this during the year prior to your date of intended entry.

Contact Information

Years 7 – 11: Mr I Cook, Admissions Manager –

6th Form: Mrs J Carmody, 6th Form Administrator –

Admissions Arrangements

GGS Arrangements for Admissions 2019